BOURGOGNE MOBILITY goal is to advise and assist companies with the professional geographic mobility of their employees.

Created in 2006, the headquartered is in Dijon.

The welcome in Burgundy

The BOURGOGNE MOBILITY team has good knowledge of the Burgundy and Franche Comté regions, which allows us to rely on a quality relational network. Our expatriation experience allows us to accurately fulfill the needs of newcomers. This welcome is facilitated by our English and German language skills.

National and International Assistance

Member of the network since 2008, BOURGOGNE MOBILITY coordinates the geographic mobility of employees throughout the entire French territory thanks to our 20 group agencies. We offer the same assistance for international mobility of our clients in more than 100 countries. Our affiliation with E Mobilia in the European Network EuRA allows us to always offer a better and higher performing service.


The first step during a geographic move is the search for housing.


BOURGOGNE MOBILITY handles and coordinates movers contracts for our clients.


BOURGOGNE MOBILITY assists companies with moving its employees during transitional phases.